The client has become an incredibly savvy partner in performance measurement. Their appetite for new and complex investment strategies continues to grow but increased client interest in analyzing returns can present reporting challenges to asset managers. With little regulatory guidance on what needs to be reported to end-investors, many asset managers turn to GIPS standards. These provide a great benchmark for consistency and transparency but without the proper performance reporting tools in place, GIPS can be difficult to achieve. Composite management and report delivery are two GIPS challenges that can be easily resolved with a powerful performance reporting solution.

Manually tracking portfolio participation within composites is burdensome, especially with a large number of portfolios with various mandates and inclusion criteria that change over time. However, consistency across composites is critical in achieving GIPS compliance and satisfying client mandates. Rather than rely on internal processes to create and maintain composites, asset managers should look for a tool that provides the following functionality:

  • Automatic management of composite membership by adding and removing portfolios based on user defined criteria
  • Support for multiple methodologies for calculating composite returns
  • Calculation of various dispersion and composite-level risk measures
  • Employment of carve-outs
  • Ability to generate multiple user-defined return types including gross, net of taxes/fees, and price-only returns.
  • Calculation of composite net of fee returns based on a fee schedule
  • Support for extensive disclosure capabilities
  • Automation of disclosures
  • Maintenance of a full audit trail with annotations
  • Ability to generate client-ready composite booklets

With appropriate composite management, asset managers are able to benchmark performance against client mandates, but the next step in the process is generation of client-ready reports. Reporting is one of the few value-add touch points that asset managers have, and can give firms the competitive edge with the right delivery. SS&C’s reporting solutions automate the production of customized reports in any format to streamline and conserve back-office resources. We also give you the ability to brand and format sleek presentations, spreadsheets, or web-based electronic reports or enable clients to build their own reports online. This offers enhanced transparency for the end-investor –a  key competitive differentiator for investment managers.




SS&C is opening a new consolidated office to meet our goal of providing world-class software and services in one collaborative Boston location. Please join SS&C management, team members, and friends over casual drinks and hors d’oeuvres in our new office space.


Date: Thursday, November 13

Time: 4 – 7 pm

Location: 50 Milk Street, Suite 700, Boston, MA 02109



For more information, please contact Divya Vig at 1-617-648-0956 or email dvig@sscinc.com.



Our global and diverse client base increasingly needs to localize accounting operations to meet country-specific requirements and regulations including GAAP and IFRS accounting standards.  This week we were happy to announce that the latest release of PORTIA has improved the flexibility of its calculation and posting rules, enabling asset managers to support an unlimited number of accounting bases to meet these unique operational requirements.

PORTIA provides greater flexibility and configurability to help customers account for costs, track fees, define posting rules and address other unique accounting requirements.  Enhanced reporting tools provide transparency into regional accounting practices and address regulatory requirements.

“SS&C PORTIA provides substantial new functionality to assist asset managers implement multiple accounting bases and support accounting requirements that vary by country or region,” said Christy Bremner, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SS&C. “Customers are upgrading to take advantage of the functional benefits to improve the efficiency and quality of their accounting operations.”

Investment manager streamlines operations, enhances global accounting capabilities and delivers advanced client reporting

1We are pleased to announce a well-established Connecticut-based investment manager signed an agreement to implement SS&C PORTIA across its middle-to-back office operations.

The functional limitations of the legacy middle-to-back-office system, including lack of multi-currency transaction processing and inflexible reporting, led the investment manager to search for a new solution. SS&C PORTIA’s global securities coverage, advanced reporting capabilities, automated operational processes and interfaces with custodians and data providers, were key reasons for the selection.

“We are excited to be working with this client to help them build on a strong operations foundation to support their global investment strategies and business growth,” said Christy Bremner, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SS&C. “SS&C provides powerful solutions for firms that need flexibility to accommodate the increasing complexity of the investment management industry.”

questionsAs the asset management industry returns to growth and becomes increasingly complex, firms are competing more so than ever on a global scale and seeking alpha from new sources. Our recent whitepaper titled “Now is the Time to Invest in Technology that Enables Growth and Performance suggests the question for most asset managers now is how do I prepare my business for growth and differentiate in a globally competitive marketplace?

 Unfortunately growth can be limited by operational capabilities, as well as the underlying systems and technology that support operations. While investment teams must be able to change investment strategies quickly to react to opportunities, it can be far more difficult for operations to keep pace with business changes. Asset managers need to determine whether they can meet the growth requirements by examining their operations and the systems at the heart of their middle-to-back office technology ecosystem.

 Whether systems and technology are “legacy” is not the pertinent question. Legacy is vaguely defined and implies years of operating experience is somehow bad when, in fact, asset managers benefit significantly from the functionality and capabilities that can only accumulate over time. Also, a proven track record is critical to reliability and predictability of services. What is important is the ability of your provider to support growth plans. To determine whether your firm is capable of meeting your growth needs, ask the following questions:

  • Are your systems able to easily keep pace with your firm’s growth and increasing operations volumes resulting from growth?
  • Are you expanding to other markets or countries, and can your operations accommodate expansion?
  • Do your systems provide enough flexibility to quickly address ad-hoc client requests?
  • Can your systems be easily customized to meet new operational requirements? Are you able to manage your system independently and cost-effectively as you grow?

If you answered ‘No’ to any of the questions above, your organization may be relying on systems that could get in the way of your firm’s ability to launch new products, enter new markets, optimize workflows, control costs and reduce human error and operational risk. Ultimately, all of these issues culminate in a larger problem – impeding your growth plans.

If you’d like to learn more about SS&C PORTIA and how it can help to power growth at your institution, please visit our website.


SS&C PORTIA is pleased to announce that it is expanding both its commercial and business operations and is hiring for numerous positions across its operations centers in Boston, London and Evansville, Indiana.  If you or someone you know has experience in financial technology and/or asset management operations, we encourage you to visit SS&C’s careers site and search for openings at PORTIA to learn more about our growth plans and career opportunities. 

Click here to learn more about career opportunities at PORTIA.

Investment Intelligence Summit

We are excited to announce the SS&C Investment Intelligence Summit is scheduled for May 7-9, 2014 at the  Marriott Orlando Grande Lakes in Florida.

Join us and other SS&C experts to explore the issues facing today’s investment and accounting professionals and learn how to maximize the resources you already have to help you continue to succeed.

The conference provides:

  • Topical sessions – participate in discussions exploring the issues facing our clients today, across the different businesses
  • Personal interaction with SS&C’s Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) – a unique opportunity to discuss the issues affecting your business and gain the knowledge of those involved in researching and reacting to market conditions
  • Networking opportunities – talk with other users to learn how they are using technology in their environments

The Summit will also include a dedicated series of sessions focusing on specific topics relevant to our PORTIA clients. The sessions will cover a broad array of topics such as; what you need to know about Investment Book of Records (IBOR), how to handle the proliferation of complex securities in PORTIA, empowering your reporting  capabilities with PORTIA, and more.

In addition to the Summit, PORTIA is offering “Seminars in the Sun” on Tuesday, May 6th. This consists of one full-day training session on Intermediate Report Writer including topics such as how to creatively format reports, building and creative use of report lists, and a full overview of the many uses of the Report Writer functionality.

For all the details about the conference, as well as information on how to register, click here.

We look forward to seeing you there.

Partnership-symbalExtended agreement provides enhanced security data options for global buy-side investment firms using SS&C PORTIA

Building on an existing relationship in place since 1999, SS&C PORTIA and Interactive Data have signed a new agreement that will enable PORTIA clients globally to use Interactive Data’s RemotePlusSM and Apex® services to feed securities and pricing data into their middle-to-back office operations.  Clients will be able to take advantage of multiple importing methods to utilize data from Interactive Data, including PORTIA’s powerful and logic-driven Automated Import Manager.  This expansion enhances SS&C’s broader relationship with Interactive Data as a data provider for SS&C.

“We are pleased to grow our relationship with Interactive Data to provide services on a global basis, and to provide access to the breadth of their data utilizing our robust and flexible data import tools,” said Christy Bremner, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SS&C PORTIA. “PORTIA’s client base is international and diverse, and our clients are looking for quality information to support their middle-to-back office operations.”

SS&C PORTIA provides a broad set of middle-to-back office capabilities to allow investment managers to track and manage the day-to-day activity in investment portfolios to support global accounting requirements. Offered on a deployed and hosted basis, the solution supports a wide range of functions including corporate action processing, internal reporting, client reporting, regulatory reporting, performance measurement and attribution and post trade compliance.

 Pricing, evaluations and reference data are provided in the US through Interactive Data Pricing and Reference Data LLC and internationally through Interactive Data (Europe) Ltd. and Interactive Data (Australia) Pty Ltd.

imageWe are delighted to announce Kenanga Investors Berhad (KIB), a wholly owned subsidiary of K & N Kenanga Holdings Berhad, has selected SS&C’s PORTIA to support its investment management business in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

KIB looked to PORTIA to support their expanding multi-currency needs and provide the flexibility to address their extensive reporting requirements. PORTIA’s comprehensive global securities coverage, powerful multi-currency capabilities and advanced reporting capabilities provided the ideal solution to meet KIB’s business requirements.

“We are pleased to be able to provide Kenanga Investors Berhad with a middle-to-back office solution that meet their complex, global needs,” said Christy Bremner, Senior Vice President and General Manager, SS&C PORTIA. “Asia has been a long time focus for PORTIA, and we are delighted support the diverse needs of asset managers throughout the APAC region.”

We are working closely with KIB to deliver a quick and smooth implementation of the latest version of PORTIA, and look forward to helping KIB and other asset managers throughout the region address their global operational challenges as APAC investment markets continue to rapidly grow and evolve.

web-based trainingOur clients are often faced with the dilemma of needing more training but finding it difficult to schedule based on time and budget constraints. To address this challenge, we are pleased to announce that PORTIA training courses will be offered through SS&C Zoologic Learning Solutions, providing the convenience and flexibility of web-based training to meet diverse training needs (see related press release here).

What is SS&C’s Zoologic Learning Solution?

Zoologic is the premier provider of financial training solutions to the financial services industry. The products currently serve and are recognized by the leading investment and commercial banks, brokerage and wealth management firms, insurance companies, government agencies, and universities in more than 45 countries. Zoologic’s web-based training tools empower organizations to improve the performance and productivity of their most valuable resource – employees – with minimal support and intervention, and with the most cost-effective use of scarce resources.

PORTIA Training Through Zoologic

With PORTIA training courses available through Zoologic Leaning Solutions, our clients benefit from:

  • Flexibility: on-demand, web-based training allows users to view PORTIA training courses at convenient times, from anywhere they can access the internet.
  • Individual Training for One or More Users: for new users or for a specific group of users focused on a particular area web-based training provides a quick and easy way to get a group trained on the functions they use most.
  • Lower Cost: web-based training courses provide the same thorough content, visual presentation and narration by experienced staff as standard classroom-based training does but, it can be offered at a lower cost, providing additional options to ensure staff is trained appropriately.

PORTIA web-based training is just one option in an array of training solutions that we provide to our clients.  Our services include standard training classes (conducted on-site or remotely via Webex) as well as customized training modules developed with clients to meet specific needs, to ensure our clients are continually getting the most value from their PORTIA implementation.