What’s the only sure-fire way to make it on Wall Street?  Not necessarily by investing in the market.  But by investing yourself.  In a company that’s stable, financially successful, and offers opportunity for advancement.

Founded in 1986, SS&C (NASDAQ: SSNC) is a financial services technology firm, and we’re looking for fund accountants, software developers, and salespeople-both recent grads and established professionals–to join us.

We customize solutions to meet the needs of a highly diverse group of financial services organizations.  There are 5,000 of them, in fact.  All using our products and services to manage over $16 trillion in assets.

The company is headquartered in Windsor, CT, with offices in New York City and London and Toronto and Sydney and everywhere in-between.  So you’ll not only have the opportunity to work in different departments and expand your skill set, you’ll have the opportunity to work in different parts of the world.

And while each city has its own, unique culture, our corporate culture is consistent around the world.  We want high-energy people with an entrepreneurial spirit.  Independent, self-starters who want to beat the competition, and know they can do it as part of a team.  People who don’t just see opportunities, but know how to create them – for the company as well as themselves.

And, we’ll even help you there.  We have a comprehensive tuition reimbursement program, as well as an extensive, award-winning suite of online financial and business courseware that you can take advantage of. So if you’re confident, focused, and looking for a career that can, literally, take you anywhere, call us.

Oh, and by the way, suits and ties are optional. For more information and career opportunities, visit the SS&C Careers site


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