The Challenge of Data Management in a Global Environment

May 4, 2015

It_infrastructureThe increasingly global environment of the asset management industry challenges firms to support transaction data across time zones and markets with varying regulatory constraints. Regulators want assurance that failures won’t occur, which requires comprehensive risk analysis. The increased demand for transparency has precipitated a wave of new regulations globally. The Dodd-Frank Act and the European Market Infrastructure Regulation (EMIR) have both mandated new data management protocols, among them calculating and tracking variation margins at the leg level of swaps and using unique trade identifiers to reconcile counterparty information. These regulations have led to an explosion of reference data that needs to be gathered, consolidated, and reported.

In Ernst & Young’s most recent global survey on asset management investment operations, “Managing Complexity and Change in a New Landscape,” 75 percent of respondents cited the quality and accuracy of data as a critical priority for IT and operations teams. Aggregating and normalizing data from multiple sources is necessary to ensure that reports capture a full and accurate picture. However, most firms are struggling to keep pace with their data management capabilities. Relying on additional systems to capture data or using data warehouses for processing is common but can be error-prone and costly.

One way to keep pace with regulatory changes and increasing data from multiple sources is to utilize a holistic performance reporting solution that is data agnostic. This platform should be able to work seamlessly with other systems and data sources in order to serve as a single source of information for calculations, analysis, and reporting.

With SS&C’s data management tools, an asset manager can rely on a single source of data and better ensure regulatory compliance. Operations teams can utilize our monitoring technology to flag regulatory breaches and automate reporting to meet frequency requirements. In addition, our solutions are flexible enough to adapt to changing regulatory requirements depending on the investor, asset class, and region. Using multiple in-house systems or manual processes requires coordination, regulatory expertise, and resources that many middle-to-back office teams do not have available.

Consider how SS&C can help you deliver accurate intra-day data and a streamlined and controllable reporting process, mitigating risk, and making regulatory compliance sustainable and efficient. Please contact us for more information or a demonstration or email us at


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