Global Insurance Firms Benefit From Outsourcing

July 9, 2014


Global insurance firms face difficult economic conditions and must respond to growing demands from investors while remaining competitive.  Recently, PwC released a paper titled “The art of letting go: Middle- and back-office right-sourcing options for insurance investment management” in which they recommend a solution that will help insurance firms compete more effectively: outsourcing middle-to-back office investment management functions.  This is quickly becoming the standard in the investment world; over 80% of CIOs recently surveyed by Goldman Sachs look to outsourcing solutions to support their complex investment management operations, and PwC advises insurance firms to seriously consider the benefits.

According to the paper, over $1.4 trillion of insurance assets are currently being managed by professional asset managers, and that number is growing.  Insurance firms can focus their resources on their core business when they utilize outsourcing for the middle-to-back office.  PwC notes that rather than spending time creating portfolios that are diverse enough to avoid risk while still meeting regulations, insurance firms should employ technology and services provided by industry experts that will minimize risk while increasing returns.  Without leveraging the specialized knowledge of experts, firms may be at a competitive disadvantage.

SS&C provides holistic outsourcing solutions for global insurance firms.  Our solutions allow firms to choose which middle-to-back office functions to outsource, so clients can take advantage of our industry expertise while aligning to their unique business goals.  With over fifteen years of experience in providing outsourcing services, we have created a world-class model for managing operations, giving our clients peace of mind that their processes are being handled by the best.    Are you ready to outsource your middle-to-back office operations so you can focus on what you do best?


One Response to “Global Insurance Firms Benefit From Outsourcing”

  1. Thanks for sharing the post. Insurance BPOs even provide services like claims management, adjudication, remediation and fulfillment.


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