SS&C PORTIA Offers Convenient Web-based Training Anytime, Anywhere

August 22, 2013

web-based trainingOur clients are often faced with the dilemma of needing more training but finding it difficult to schedule based on time and budget constraints. To address this challenge, we are pleased to announce that PORTIA training courses will be offered through SS&C Zoologic Learning Solutions, providing the convenience and flexibility of web-based training to meet diverse training needs (see related press release here).

What is SS&C’s Zoologic Learning Solution?

Zoologic is the premier provider of financial training solutions to the financial services industry. The products currently serve and are recognized by the leading investment and commercial banks, brokerage and wealth management firms, insurance companies, government agencies, and universities in more than 45 countries. Zoologic’s web-based training tools empower organizations to improve the performance and productivity of their most valuable resource – employees – with minimal support and intervention, and with the most cost-effective use of scarce resources.

PORTIA Training Through Zoologic

With PORTIA training courses available through Zoologic Leaning Solutions, our clients benefit from:

  • Flexibility: on-demand, web-based training allows users to view PORTIA training courses at convenient times, from anywhere they can access the internet.
  • Individual Training for One or More Users: for new users or for a specific group of users focused on a particular area web-based training provides a quick and easy way to get a group trained on the functions they use most.
  • Lower Cost: web-based training courses provide the same thorough content, visual presentation and narration by experienced staff as standard classroom-based training does but, it can be offered at a lower cost, providing additional options to ensure staff is trained appropriately.

PORTIA web-based training is just one option in an array of training solutions that we provide to our clients.  Our services include standard training classes (conducted on-site or remotely via Webex) as well as customized training modules developed with clients to meet specific needs, to ensure our clients are continually getting the most value from their PORTIA implementation.


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