Does Your Infrastructure Truly Protect Your Customers?

August 7, 2013

Being in the asset management industry, we are all fully aware that investment management involves the storing and administration of extremely sensitive, high-vdisastersalue information. As threats to financial data and applications continue to evolve and become even more sophisticated, asset management organizations need to understand and implement the right combination of technologies to help mitigate the risks. These solutions can extend from the protection of user identities to the validation of transactions themselves. In looking at these risks, every organization needs to ask itself: “Do we have the right infrastructure and resources to balance security, usability and cost requirements?”

As your organization thinks about your current environment and whether your infrastructure truly protects your customers, there are some key areas to be considered:

  • Reliability and Security: Is your office designed to store and protect mission-critical production servers? Do you have fire protection, biometric security, 24/7 monitoring, and redundant Internet connections? What happens in the event of theft, tornado, power blackout, fire, water damage, and Internet connection problems?
  •  Maintenance: Who is maintaining your server and software? What nightly and weekly maintenance is being performed on your database? Do you have a full-time systems administrator that keeps up on the latest software patches and upgrades?
  • Cost: Purchasing, maintaining, and upgrading your own hardware and software can be very expensive. Facilities management can double in cost if your environment is not configured for growth and redundancy. Are youVMWare VCenter taking advantage of the latest virtual technology? Can your underlying applications be replicated in real time between redundant sites so that they can resolve requests at any site at any time, ensuring that data is current?


As we discuss these issues with clients and prospects alike, more and more asset managers are coming to the conclusion that outsourcing the facilities management of their operations allows them to focus their resources and effort on what they do best, managing money and building customer relationships.

By outsourcing these functions to a service provider who primary business is software and operational services, organizations can be assured that there is a dedicated team comprised of certified product and database experts who are available to maximize the performance of their middle-to- back office operations.

SS&C PORTIA has been in the outsourcing industry for over 15 years and in the investment management software solutions industry for over 25 years. This experience allows us to understand the unique needs of all our clients and work directly with them to determine the areas where they can benefit most from our outsourcing solutions.

Our services provide our clients with:

  • Physical and environmental security with problem management controls certified under Service Organization Control (SOC 1) in accordance with SSAE No. 16 and the ISAE 3402. A best-of-breed infrastructure with redundant generators, cooling systems and fire suppression systems, ensuring the reliability and security of customer data.
  • Full time, experienced database administrators (DBA) who possess the expertise needed to keep databases running smoothly and direct access to the technical resources of the Product and Development teams, allowing clients to concentrate on critical operational activities without increasing workload or size of your IT staff.
  • State of the art data center facilities which utilize VMware’s superior virtualization technology providing increased reliability and availability. This technology allows for near real-time replication of all data, allowing data to be easily backed up and recovered quickly to eliminate down-time in the case of a disaster. In addition, the virtual technology creates a flexible and scalable environment that allows clients to efficiently grow without impacting their operations or infrastructure.

As a leader in hosting services, we have maximized economies of scale to provide the most cost efficient and reliable services to our clients.

PORTIA’s Outsourcing Solutions provides complete, data-centric protection for the most critical areas of financial service environments, enabling customers to securely implement new business while effectively managing risk and achieving regulatory compliance.

To learn more about our Outsourcing Solutions download the PORTIA Outsourcing Services Factsheet and the Hosting Services Factsheet, or contact us at

– Edwin Gaines, Director, Technical Managed Services


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