SS&C PORTIA Connects to SS&C’s Investment Intelligence Solution

July 8, 2013

iStock_000019866702XSmall[1]We are pleased to announce that PORTIA is live on SS&C’s Investment Intelligence Solution (click here to see recent press release).

For investment managers, getting the data they need, when they need it, is essential to making smart and timely decisions. SS&C Investment Intelligence enables users to turn data into actionable insights by aggregating information from multiple systems, providing easy to use tools for analyzing data, and enabling access to reliable information.

Now that PORTIA is connected to this platform, firms can combine the investment information from PORTIA with pertinent data from other sources and deliver it in a customizable format to address the unique needs of all types of users.

The combination of PORTIA and SS&C Investment Intelligence:

  • Provides easy, consolidated access to financial information from PORTIA, other SS&C products and third-party solutions
  • Delivers customized and dynamic dashboards that convert raw data into clean and customizable visual insights
  • Optimizes your business intelligence for browsers and mobile devices, providing access to reliable data anytime, anywhere

Click here to view a video demonstrating the power of PORTIA and SS&C Investment Intelligence.

Contact us  to learn more about  how  PORTIA  solutions are helping investment managers around the globe increase operational efficiency throughout their organization.


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