The Newest Release of SS&C PORTIA Changes the Way the Middle-to-Back Office Manages Operations

April 10, 2013

iStock_000005946607XSmall[1]We are pleased to announce the newest release of PORTIA, the industry’s most trusted accounting solution.  This release changes the paradigm of traditional systems by bringing the information users need most to the forefront of their workspace, simplifying activities by providing immediate visiblity into tasks that need to be completed. To review the official press release, please click here.

Developed in collaboration with PORTIA’s diverse and global client base, this latest software release combines the deep functionality PORTIA is known for with an intuitive interface that allows operations teams to make smarter decisions and reduce risk.

The easy to use, customizable interface enhances the way PORTIA users access information and conduct day-to-day tasks by presenting views that alert them to data issues, processing requirements and other activities that need attention. Each user can customize their work space so that the functions used most can be quickly launched, allowing them to work more efficiently.

This latest release is part of PORTIA’s expanded software development plans under SS&C, which will provide clients with numerous releases that enhance workflows, expand functionality and take advantage of new technologies so that PORTIA continues to help its clients enhance operational processes and improve efficiency.

We invite you to learn more about our latest version by visiting our website to download a factsheet  and view a short video of  all the new features, or contact us to learn more about the advantages of partnering with SS&C PORTIA.


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