Could a Holistic Approach to Client Services Give you a Competitive Advantage?

April 25, 2012

I recently read a post in Cutter AdvantEdge titled “Enhancing the Client Facing Service” (click here for access to the article).  The piece focuses on the client life cycle, how important client service is in the marketplace in general and how “the new age business model requires a more holistic approach in client facing services.”  While the article is written for the Investment Management industry and focuses on their end client, I couldn’t help but see the parallels in how we view the important life cycle of our clients as well.

In the past year and half PORTIA has enhanced and transformed our client services organization and associated processes to ensure our clients leverage the full power of their investment in PORTIA.  With the introduction of the PORTIA Service Centre Portal (see related blog) we incorporated many of the concepts highlighted in the Cutter article:

  • Efficient Data Capture and Workflow Automation:  our clients can quickly enter submit, review and update all incidents on-line through the Portal, view “progress at-a-glance” on their incidents and obtain the most current information on outstanding items
  • Access to Quality Information: the Portal also provides anytime direct access to our experts and knowledge base giving 24/7 access to information you need when you need it and is a direct link to expertise, training, documentation, and business updates.  In addition, our support staff all have access to the client reported information which allows them to be better informed and provide more comprehensive solutions to our clients business needs
  • Transparency:  clients can continue to monitor the status of incidents submitted, as well as get news and information on upcoming releases

But our Service Centre goes well beyond these practical applications and serves as the point of entry to a unique and comprehensive support experience which provides: 

  • A team-based approach with dedicated resources as well as access to extensive product and technical expertise, either personally or in a convenient online environment.
  • Skilled support personnel who reliably and creatively work to provide solutions, clear communication, and thorough follow-up.

We combine technology with personal relationships (through dedicated Client Operations Managers who work with clients to understand business needs and to ensure that PORTIA supports them in every way possible) and extensive client programs (providing regular interaction between clients and PORTIA experts, taking place in a wide variety of ways to meet a range of objectives).

In order to compete as a vendor in the Asset Management Software market, we need to look at approaching client services in the same way our clients do; with a comprehensive plan that puts our clients’ needs first and arms our organization with readily available information to address those needs and provide a “better and faster service to the client.”

Does your client service model incorporate the concepts highlighted in the Cutter article?  Do your vendors apply these same practices?

– Paul Leone, Director of Client Services, PORTIA


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