A Perfect Storm and the Opportunity for Asset Managers

October 12, 2011

Recently, Wall Street & Technology ran a great article titled “The Digital Truth and the Future of the Asset Management Industry.”  The article describes how a new digital truth is a perfect storm for asset managers:

  • Investors are demanding more information about what they’re buying and how it’s  performing
  • Regulators are creating new rules requiring firms to provide more information, faster
  • Technology is evolving to distribute better information more frequently

I strongly agree with the author that asset managers have a unique opportunity to leverage technology to provide customized information to their clients.  PORTIA believes that human error is a key reason why automating reporting is important, and that manual processing is a limiting factor in speed.  PORTIA eReports is our solution to this challenge – it automates the reporting process, giving clients customized, presentation quality information in whatever format they demand. 

But the opportunity is larger than just maximizing information distribution.  The article asserts that the industry is poised for a fundamental change – that operations and technology will become naturally distinct over time as middle-to-back office disciplines. 

It is the job of today’s leaders to build organizational systems for their operations that maximize the value of both human and technological resources.  Asset managers have many options for systems to power their operations, but not all systems are equal.  One of the challenges faced by operations leaders is partnering with vendors who have the best functional fit with their organization.  Financial technology vendors, such as PORTIA, exist to meet these functional needs.  According to the author, “fund executive and back offices resist these trends at their peril.”

 Is your firm observing these trends, and do you see them as a threat or an opportunity?

 -Matt Bellias, Director of Strategy and Marketing


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