The Benefits of Project Management and the PORTIA Project Management Office

September 28, 2011

For years, organizations have struggled to deliver projects that come in on time and within estimated budgets. Today, more and more companies are headed in the direction of employing a Project Management Office (PMO) to monitor not only projects, but also the people running them. The underlying goal of using a PMO is achieving efficiencies, cutting costs and improving project delivery in terms of time and budget.

Per a recent PM Solutions, Research Report and Survey; “The upward trend is unmistakable, both in sheer numbers of PMOs and in the rising organizational clout. In our ‘2000 research on The Value of Project Management’, only 47% of companies had a project office. In 2006, our research on ‘Project Management: The State of the Industry’ showed that 77% of companies had PMOs; ‘The State of the PMO 2010’ research shows that 84% of companies have PMOs.”

What does this tell us? Organizations not only understand the importance of Project Management, but are also more rapidly than ever employing a Project Management Office to provide the structure needed to both standardize project management practices and determine methodologies for repeatable processes.

Towards the end of 2010, PORTIA made the decision to employ a PMO and focus its efforts on improving the efficiencies of its Implementation Services Organization.  I am proud to report that 2011 has been an incredibly successful period of growth for this endeavor.

PMOs have vast ranges of responsibility depending on the organization they support. The vision of the PORTIA organization was to have a PMO that laid the foundation for the following:

  • Develop and implement a consistent and standardized Project Management process and methodology
  • Create and maintain project management tools to support its methodology and process
  • Provide project management guidance to project managers and lead consultants
  • Conduct training courses to reinforce its methodology and process

Heading into the fourth quarter we are beginning to see the benefits of employing and delivering a structured, standardized model. Thanks to the commitment and support of our Senior Management Team and the hard work of our people, we have successfully implemented a sound, structured methodology as well as the tools to support it.

Though our PMO is in its early stages, we are beginning to develop metrics that suggest positive returns.  The most significant metric will come from our client surveys which are filled out ‘post implementation’ and ‘project acceptance’. These results will be analyzed as we continue to build, refine and improve the current process.

I look forward to reporting our success rates and more detailed metrics in the coming months.

 Chris DeLillo – Director, Project Management Office


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