Thomson Reuters PORTIA Wins Second Client In South Africa – Sanlam Private Investments

July 21, 2011

Last week our blog reflected on the trends Thomson Reuters PORTIA is observing in Africa’s financial markets and the general neglect that sub-Saharan Africa, including South Africa, has experienced from financial technology vendors.

We see an opportunity for African financial services firms to expand and grow as wealth in the region increases – and we see an opportunity for financial technology vendors to succeed with global, scalable and flexible solutions.  Our experience operating in sub-Saharan Africa, coupled with our understanding of the unique operational needs of firms in the region, makes us an attractive technology vendor for firms looking to support their global middle-to-back office operations.

Following the win of Nedbank Capital – our first client in South Africa – earlier this year (click here for the original announcement), Thomson Reuters PORTIA has been working with Sanlam Private Investments (SPI) to assess and support their middle-to-back office system needs.  Part of the Sanlam Group – one of the largest financial services groups in sub-Saharan Africa – SPI is a private client portfolio management and stockbroking business serving high net worth individuals, charitable trusts and smaller institutions. With some R55 billion of assets (approximately USD $8 billion) under management and 140 employees, SPI is the second largest South African private client investment manager. It has operations throughout South Africa as well as a presence in Europe, Australia and Asia.

SPI chose Thomson Reuters PORTIA based on its ability to handle a diverse portfolio of global, multi-currency assets and plans to leverage PORTIA broadly – for reconciliation and corporate actions processing to data management and a host of other middle-to-back office processes.  Further information about our work with SPI will be available in early August.

We look forward to working with Sanlam Private Investments to deliver a quick and smooth implementation and are excited about the prospect of working with a growing number of clients in the region to address their middle-to-back office challenges.

-Matt Bellias, Director of Strategy and Marketing


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