The Importance of Implementation

May 25, 2011

 Just as critical as choosing the right accounting software solution is choosing the right implementation partner.  When you choose the software, you make sure that the product meets all your business needs, will support your growth, and will help you gain operational efficiencies.  But without an efficient, effective, timely, and successful implementation, your business will never be able to realize the expected return on your investment.

In general, there are five main considerations to make when choosing an implementation partner:

1)       Industry/product knowledge.  How well the potential partner knows your industry and the product you’re buying plays a tremendous role in ensuring that the product gets configured in the best possible alignment with your business’ short-, medium-, and long-term objectives.

2)      Implementation experience.  The more experience in installing the product in other businesses like yours, the better positioned the potential partner will be to drive success for your organization.

3)      Project methodology.  A potential partner who has a detailed and transparent project methodology will involve you in the project and communicate along the way, thereby anticipating and resolving issues before they become problems, asking and answering questions, and managing your expectations around what will be happening when.

4)      Training and support.  Your implementation partner needs to have a proven track record of ensuring your optimal use of the system on an ongoing and sustainable basis.  You need to be sure that you’ll have access to the right resources at the right times to support all of your critical business objectives.  Make sure to get a full sense of both the breadth and depth of expertise a potential partner provides beyond the front lines of the implementation.

5)      Success rates.  It is often said that the best predictor of the future is the past, and in the case of software implementations this is true.  Choosing a partner with a strong history of exceptional implementations increases the likelihood that your implementation will be successful—on time and on budget.

Here at PORTIA, we pride ourselves on our Implementation Services team, who specialize solely in PORTIA implementations.  With over 25 years of experience successfully managing large and complex business and systems integrations, the team consists of  highly-skilled professionals who possess an average of 12 years working in financial services and investment management.  Additionally, team members average over 10 years of experience working directly with PORTIA.  Customers have direct access to talented resources who analyze and optimize workflows to streamline operational efficiency, share technology insights to maximize performance and scale, and utilize project management methodologies to deliver on-time and on-budget implementations time and time again.

When you work with PORTIA Implementation Services, you can rely on a time-tested and proven project methodology that consistently delivers successful results.  They key steps followed are: project planning, including detailed tasks and timelines; workflow analysis and process optimization; extensive testing and issue resolution; and post-upgrade review and support.

Once a project is underway, you’ll work very closely with our Implementation Services team, enabling you to ask questions and receive training as you go.  Once the implementation is complete you’ll have on-site support to provide hands-on management of any issues that arise during initial days of production processing, you’ll receive all project documentation and you’ll have the opportunity to review and evaluate the implementation relative to future goals and plans.  Beyond that, you’ll have access to reliable and professional service, regardless of time zone.  You can receive product support in the way(s) that work best for you, from online tutorials to calling for help to ongoing education programs.  When you work with PORTIA Implementation Services, you have access to breadth and depth of product expertise that you can only find when working with product specialists.

This combination of experience, methodology, approach, and interaction with clients means that the right questions get asked and answered and that agreement is gained at the right times, increasing the odds of a successful implementation.   The 200+ PORTIA clients in over 40 countries managing assets in excess of US $20 trillion are proof that the PORTIA Implementation Services team consistently delivers results that are unrivaled in the industry.

By choosing your implementation partner using as thorough and detailed of an approach as you use to select your product, you minimize your risk of schedule and cost overruns while increasing your odds of a positive outcome—helping you run a more successful business.  At PORTIA, we’ve spent over 20 years developing our Implementation Services in tandem with our products to provide you with the most effective and complete solution to support your strategic objectives.

– Mark Cahill, Director of US & EMEA Implementation Services


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