Changes to PORTIA’s Leadership Team

May 18, 2011

I am pleased to announce that we recently made some changes to our organization in order to support our 2011 objectives, strengthen our leadership team and improve our ability to grow.

We are pleased to welcome back Dominic Flanagan as PORTIA’s Vice President of Technology and Product Operations.  Dominic previously served as Vice President of Product Development at Charles River Development.  Before joining CRD, Dominic held his current position at PORTIA for nearly a decade – he brings deep experience and familiarity with our business, solutions and technology to the organization.   

Dominic will be a critical to surpassing our key technology and operations goals for the year.  In 2011, Dominic will focus on evolving PORTIA’s technology footprint, continuing to enhance the quality of our solutions and achieving deployment and installation objectives.  

Joe Morant, previously Vice President of Technology and Product Operations, has taken on a new position as Vice President of Global Client Services.  As many of you know, we are in the process of transforming our service model – we are actively hiring staff, implementing new technology platforms and creating new processes to support our clients and we look forward to rolling out the new PORTIA Service Centre in Q2 2011.  Joe is  responsible for our entire client service organization, including overseeing this transformation.  Joe’s leadership skills, knowledge of PORTIA solutions, project management expertise, and experience at Nuveen and Mellon as an end-user will help us execute against our client service vision. 

Finally, Munther Haddad will continue to serve as Vice President of Global Implementation and Outsourcing Services.  Munther remains focused on ensuring our implementation and outsourcing services teams remain effective and aligned in order to deliver value to our clients. 

We are very excited to strengthen our leadership team with the addition of Dominic and our organizational realignment, and we look forward to an outstanding 2011 and beyond.

-Christy Bremner, Global Managing Director and President, PORTIA


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