PORTIA Updates SAS 70 Type 2 Audit

April 11, 2011

Thomson Reuters PORTIA is pleased to announce that it recently completed its annual SAS 70 Type 2 examination for a variety of its outsourcing solutions.

PORTIA’s processes, procedures and controls were formally evaluated and tested by one of the world’s largest and most respected accounting and auditing firms. The examinations included assessing and testing controls related to logical access to systems, programs and data, change management, processing controls, environmental controls and physical security.

Type II reports not only include the service organization’s description of controls, but also include detailed testing of the design and operating effectiveness of that service organization’s controls.  Successful completion of a SAS 70 Type 2 review proves that a service organization meets independent and rigorous operational standards. PORTIA provides these audit results to its outsourcing clients on a regular basis.

Thomson Reuters PORTIA is committed to providing high quality, best practice outsourcing solutions to support the middle-to-back office operations of investment managers.  A SAS 70 Type 2 review is one of the many tools PORTIA uses to ensure that its solutions remain best in class.


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