Reich & Tang: Conversion to PORTIA

March 16, 2011

Please see out latest case study showing how clients can easily convert to Thomson Reuters PORTIA – click here to view the study at Thomson Reuters’ website


Some context:

Reich & Tang is a one-stop shop for sweep options and cash-management services with a focus on short-term cash investing. Since its inception in 1974, Reich & Tang has developed a specialization in the investment of short-term liquid assets through a family of money market funds and like portfolios.

Additionally, the firm prides itself on accommodating changing customer needs by providing flexible and innovative solutions along with access to knowledgeable financial specialists.

Reich & Tang’s historical business needs dictated that multiple accounting systems be used to support different requirements. As the organization experienced changes in its business models and needs, it began looking to consolidate. Part of this consolidation required a choice between the two accounting solutions, one of which was Thomson Reuters PORTIA.


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