Progress Report on Thomson Reuters PORTIA’s 2010 Performance

March 4, 2011

Now that we’re deep into Q1 and feeling the momentum of the New Year, I wanted to take a moment to call out a few key points of progress PORTIA has made over the past year.  Over the past year, PORTIA made significant investments in the business, such as expanding our global sales force and hiring new senior leaders in Asia and Europe.  We are now seeing the results of these investments and are continuing to invest and grow.

PORTIA is experiencing great sales momentum for all solutions.  We are selling hosting to the majority of new clients and growing our Outsourcing Services business at a very rapid rate.  Our Implementation Services consultants are booked out 2 quarters in advance, as we implement the vast majority of new installed PORTIA solutions.  And we’re growing well globally, in both developed and emerging markets.

We are seeing our clients return to stability and a renewed emphasis on operational improvements , resulting in upgrading to new versions, implementing new modules or expanding use of PORTIA across the enterprise.  Asset managers in developed markets are focusing on replacing legacy systems and eliminating multiple systems.  Emerging markets are either continuing to grow or are recovering rapidly, and are looking for solutions to help them meet the complexity associated with doing business in multiple currencies and handling global security types.  For both sets of markets, PORTIA is well positioned to meet their operational needs.

Moving forward, we are excited to make major product enhancements in 2011 with the release of PORTIA v11.  We’re also offering a host of new training and education programs for both clients and prospects, as well as evolving our client service organization to achieve new levels of value added services.  And of course, we are excited about expanding our global footprint and working with new firms with operational challenges that PORTIA can address.

Thank you to everyone involved with our business for your support in 2010, and I wish you a prosperous 2011!

– Christy Bremner, Global Managing Director of Thomson Reuters PORTIA


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